Frequently Asked Questions About SSC

What is a Shared Services Center?

A Shared Services Center is a cost-effective way to consolidate functions such as procurement, payroll, human resources, compliance, and other functional areas within a business. Having a Shared Services Center allows a company to leverage economies of scale by streamlining processes and concentrating resources to accomplish more tasks in a shorter period of time and at a lower cost.


Are other Universities implementing Shared Services Centers?

Over the last several years, many higher education institutions have begun implementing Shared Services Centers. Some of these Universities include Yale, Johns Hopkins, the University of California, and Stanford, among many others. While most Shared Services Centers in higher education provide financial and vendor services, each institution has tailored their services to best serve their schools, departments, vendors, and community.


How will Rutgers-Camden’s Shared Services Center improve service on campus?

By implementing a Shared Services Center, Rutgers-Camden has begun to consolidate procurement and payroll functions under one roof, providing a centralized resource that is designed to provide expert customer service to any department that chooses to utilize our services. In doing so, we enable the departments that we service to allocate their resources to better serve in their respective roles, such as working with students, coordinating events, etc.


Who can utilize the services of Rutgers-Camden’s Shared Services Center?

Any academic or administrative unit on the Camden campus is welcome to use our services. Once a department expresses interest in our services, we will sit down with that department to learn more about what they do and how we can best serve them. A department can utilize as many or as few of our services as they choose, based on their needs.


How can Rutgers-Camden’s Shared Services Center benefit my department/unit?

In utilizing Shared Services for certain functions, you will alleviate the burden of those tasks from your department and be able to better allocate your resources for other functions specific to your department. Because we specialize in our functional areas, we have the expertise to perform efficiently while identifying and resolving issues. We also provide a high level of follow-up with our services, ensuring that all invoices are paid, open encumbrances are closed, timesheet exceptions are resolved, among many others, providing a worry-free experience from start to finish. By using Shared Services, your department will retain all control over purchasing and payroll while focusing more time and energy on higher priorities.