Procurement Services

As of April 2021, our Camden Shared Services Center has processed more than 20,308 requisitions on behalf of units across the Camden campus. In Marketplace, SSC holds approximately 52% of all Camden requisitions. We work with at least eight divisions within the Camden campus, more than 50 individual departments/offices, and have become a point of contact for many vendors and administrators.  

The procurement services SSC offer start with the most basic function - submitting requisitions to Marketplace (MP) for purchase orders on behalf of other units. Where we exceed basic service lies in SSC's follow up. See the flow chart below for SSC's involvement in the procurement process.

For more information regarding Procurement's policies, please visit:




SSC also provides the following follow-up services:

  • retrieves payment information for invoices upon request
  • processes documents needed for reissuance of checks 
  • handles supplements or renewal of POs when needed
  • manages submission of invoices to Accounts Payable when applicable



Shared Services web forms
Purchase Order Request Form                                                                                                                    This form is used to submit quotes/estimates by units requesting a Purchase Order for good or services.
Invoice Submission Form Use this form for invoices that are to be processed against an established Purchase Order.
New Supplier Request Form Units can use this form to submit new vendors to Marketplace. A completed W9 is needed, as well as a working email address for the vendor. 
SSC will send a confirmation email once the new supplier has been submitted to Marketplace. The average time frame for Procurement approval of a new vendor is 12-15 business days.
P-Card Request Form

The P-Card is used when payment cannot go through the normal Marketplace channels. To use this campus-wide credit card, a P-Card Request must be filled out and submitted to SSC.
Once received, SSC will process the request and forward confirming documentation to all necessary parties.




Want to work with SSC?

Contact us at Camden Shared Services Center to begin a discuss on how SSC can assist your unit.