Payroll Services

The Shared Services Center provides unique payroll aspects for each unit's needs. Below is the most basic workflow of payroll tasks within Shared Services:



Click here for information about SSC's Time Adjustment Form


   Payroll Services Provided by SSC   

Time Entry/Time Adjustments
Employee Charging Instructions
Federal Work Study Charging Instructions
Ad Hoc Salary Changes
ARS (Absence Reporting) submission/Docked Pay
Stipend Pays/Contracted Pays
Monitoring of Weekly Payroll Approvals
Time Exceptions
Kronos Record Maintenance
Kronos Payroll 


SSC has become the liaison between the employee/unit and the central university Payroll department. SSC assists when needed, even in areas not officially attributed to Shared Services. Upon business manager request, SSC can assist with SWRJ's and other similar tasks. 

Our Shared Services Center assists departments in HR and Federal Work Study guidance on topics such as Employee Charging Instructions, new hire procedures, and Webclock trainings. If you or your department are in need of our assistance, please reach out to Camden Shared Services Center.



SSC Payroll Web Forms

Time Adjustment Form 

This form is used to submit requests for time adjustments on an employee's time sheet. Employees are encouraged to use this form when there is a missed in/out punch, Webclock was unavailable during the punch time, or manual punches during work hours were not applicable.

Absence Reporting Form (HCM) 

This form is used to report full-time employees’ absences




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