Rutgers' Purchasing Initiatives - Updated Policy
July 11, 2018

New purchasing forms are available via the university procurement website.
Some changes to make note of:

Forms no longer in use: PSPA (Professional Service Provider Agreement), PA (Performance Agreement), and SSSF (Single/Sole Source Form)

New forms:
Statement of Work: replaces PSPA and PA
Informal Bid Intake form: required for purchases between $10,000-$149,000 (not using a Bid Waiver form)
RFX Intake form: required for purchases above $150,000 (Formal Bid Process)
Waiver of Bid Request form: required to justify a purchase above $10,000 without bidding (replaces the Single/Sole Source form)


Rutgers' Purchasing Thresholds - Updated Policy
April 23, 2018

The university Procurement and Payment Policy has been updated as of April 10, 2018. One main takeaway from the policy changes are the purchasing thresholds:
Low Value Purchase Range: Before: $5,000  //  Now: $10,000
Informal Bid Range: Before: $5,001 - $49,999  //  Now: $10,000 - $149,999
Formal Bid Range: Before: $50,000 and greater  //  Now: $150,000 and greater


The Event Reservation Process has changed!

April 23, 2018

As of April 16th, the Events Office has changed its process regarding event reservations and invoicing. The new process is as follows: 
- Units/departments will contact the Events Office to make a reservation for an event. Departments will need to provide a valid COA string. If your department does not know this information, please contact your business manager. The Events Office will not be able to move forward with the reservation without this information.
- The Events Office will create an estimate for the event, including both internal and external vendor costs. Once finalized, a requisition will need to be created in Marketplace for the internal vendors only (IPOs). Separate charges per internal department (ex/ "Facilities Maintenance Service" charges will be on IPO form 41; "RU Dining" will be on IPO form 3655). Multiple IPOs can be placed on one requisition. All external vendor requisitions/invoices will be processed through SSC separately at a later date. 

For departments/units who are submitting through SSC, we ask all Event Reservations come through our Events form. This form requires much less information than our Purchase Order Request form, and will be filtered accordingly for quicker processing. Reservations submitted through this form will be entered into Marketplace within 1-2 business days. 

For questions regarding this process, please contact Nicole Gillespie

Invoice Submission Form
April 10, 2018

Previously labeled "Blanket PO Submission form", we have updated this form and named it "Invoice Submission form". While all invoices should be sent to Accounts Payable via email by the vendor (referencing the PO number), this procedure is not always followed. If/when your unit receives an invoice instead of Accounts Payable, your options are: 1) forward the invoice to Accounts Payable via email ( or 2) submit the invoice to Shared Services Center using the Invoice Submission form

By choosing to use this form, SSC acquires the responsibility of tracking the invoice and monitoring the PO for timely processing. Upon request, we can confirm payment information such as processing date and check number.

Please understand, this form is for departmental use only. Vendors are always encouraged to send their invoices to Accounts Payable. This form is optional for departments/units that receive an invoice instead.
This form was not intended for IPOs. For IPO submissions, please continue using the Purchase Order Request Form.


Fillable P-Card Request form
April 9, 2018

A fillable PDF P-Card Request form is now available for use. Click here to download the PDF.
If your Adobe does not support this function, click here for the P-Card Request Word document.


We have revamped and updated our website!
April 9, 2018

Please check out our Procurement Services, Payroll Services, and Training and Resources pages for updated, detailed information about services we offer. Our website is more accurate now in explaining more in depth how we service units across campus. We also have added a Feedback section to our website in order to improve our services and better fit the needs of the campus. If your unit currently does not work through Shared Services but would like to, please email us to start a conversation on how we can assist you!